Youth Empowerment

(1-2 Day Events)

Youth-oriented events are one of Scott Ward’s favorite to present at. Hiring a speaker for your youth should require careful consideration. Its about bringing in someone who has integrity who will make a positive impact on their development. Perhaps your students are looking for inspiration and input on how to make important choices regarding their future education goals. Scott Ward is a fine example of what one can achieve when you follow your dreams. At one point in his life he was a teacher, but it was his desire to be a performer that led him to believe in himself enough that he could do just that. And now he travels throughout North America with his comedy hypnosis show upon founding his own company, Scott Ward Inc. And as a former teacher, his workshops are designed to deliver outcomes with the participants in mind.

Aboriginal Awareness Training

Scott is an Ojibway from Manitoba and has strong connections to his culture. A former hoop dancer, he has taught over 2000 youth in his travels. Hoop Dancing can be added to your school’s curriculum.

Goal Setting & Career Development

Scott assists the youth in establishing realistic goals in education and careers. Scott outlines what steps one should take to make these goals a reality.

Inspiring Students

Considering the future is something all students should. What will life be like after high school? The importance of continuing education is what Scott discusses in this workshop.

Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

Scott offers the following sessions for youth in his hypnotherapy:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Stop Nail Biting
  • Control Anger & Temper
  • Weight Release
  • More Memory
  • Procrastination Control
  • Healing
  • Stop Alcohol
  • Control Jealousy
  • Creative Abilities
  • Accomplish Goals
  • Become Confident
  • Pain Control
  • Studying Power
  • More Energy


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