Going M.i.l.e.s

(2-3 Day Events)

Scott Ward and Dakota House present several topics to excited participants! Going MILES is a one-of-a-kind initiative that focuses on entertainment and educational workshops for Aboriginal Youth! Educational AND entertaining! The best part of it all is that Going MILES offers continued support long after they have left the community!

Self Expression And Leadership

  • Using interactive demonstrations and exercises (Power of Voice and Unity circle) to give each participant some time to talk about themselves and tap into their own voices
  • Encourage youth to see and experience what it is like to be leaders among their peers


  • Examining learned behaviors passed down by our parents
  • Effects of inter-generational impact from residential schools
  • Focus on positive ways to make head-ways with our children
  • Practice home exercises in regards to interactions between parents and youth
  • Power of voice and communication

Suicide Prevention and Traditional Teaching

  • Dakota and Scott discuss teachings that have been passed on to them from their Elders
  • Examine factors relating to suicide including round table discussions with youth on issues that affect them

Individual And Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

  • Participants develop and experience self-hypnosis and learn to use those techniques at home, school or work.

Empowerment: Interactive Exercises, Energizers & Ice Breakers:

  • People enjoy workshops that are interactive and get the blood going. Learning can be fun and there is no better way to build school unity than through group interactive exercises infused with some drama games. Break the ice by having your participants up and moving around learning new team building skills.

Cyber Bullying & Gossip

  • Utilize interactive exercises to illustrate how gossip and bullying starts
  • Focus on verbal and non-verbal communication styles to illustrate how it affects us directly and indirectly using Power of Voice Exercise

Gang Workshop

  • Discuss various facets of gang-related activities and factors contributing to this
  • Utilize desensitization exercise to assist participants in thinking and assessing situations around them before jumping in with both feet

Drugs & Alcohol Workshop

  • Focus on issues relating and leading to alcohol and substance abuse among youth

Career Development

  • By utilizing our natural talent and abilities, we can create the work we enjoy, Sometimes we are told to do this or that by other people or even our own family and if you listen to your heart you will be successful!
  • Participants will also make an action plan using aspects from the medicine wheel.

Television & Film

  • Participants will learn basic HD video camera skills and will then create an original video based the needs of the community.


(DJ Dance/Hypnotist Show with Scott Ward)

  • The Going MILES event wraps up with a community DJ Dance and Comedy Hypnosis Show by Scott Ward!


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