Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit by "The Ward Boys"

Ward Boys EYES BookBy Authors Scott Ward and Jeff Ward

This expanded workshop focuses on business idea development and business strategies for youth wanting to break into the entrepreneurial world.

Have you ever wanted to create a product and go into business for yourself? or perhaps open up a store of your own on your First Nation. This workshop will give you valuable advice on how to develop your business idea.

Scott and Jeff Ward are the co-authors of "Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit” which can be found on ITunes. Visit their website at www.wardboys.com.

Brothers Scott and Jeff Ward share their experiences as small business owners and enterpreneurs through their book "Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit” which is available through iTunes and hard cover. Scott Ward is the founder of Scott Ward Inc. while Jeff is the founder of the web firm Animikii Inc and multiple tech startups.


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