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artist Akon - loves the Humour infused in Scott ward's show!

“Yo Scott Listen, I just watched your show, your special on YouTube! That’s just crazy! And I love the humour that you added to it...I need to meet you bro … Like seriously!" - Akon


Russell Peters and Scott Ward in Winnipeg, July 2022

Russell Peters recognizes Scott Ward at a Winnipeg hotel and Scott performs a mentalism demonstration for his crew! Scott was flabergasted to meet Russell Peters.

Scott Ward Comedy Hypnosis Show

Searching for the right entertainer for your event is always the toughest part of organizing your next event, right? Wrong! You are doing everything right, especially now that you have found Scott Ward’s website! The most important thing to know about Scott Ward’s show is that it is a one-of-a-kind experience! He is the world’s first professional Aboriginal Comedy Hypnotist, and continues to be the top choice for events across North America!

Fairs, festivals, conferences, AGM’s – you name it, Scott has been there or is going there very soon! The performance is a light-hearted, humorous and hypnotic extravaganza where the audience becomes the star of the show! Have you ever wanted to see what it feels like to be hypnotized? It's a sensational feeling and the one thing Scott’s show receives from his audience: ZERO complaints! Its all about having fun and at the end of the night, walking away with a great big smile on your face. Scott Ward would be happy to entertain your guests!

Please Note: When hiring a comedy stage hypnotist, be sure they have full liability insurance.

Scott Ward is covered to perform hypnosis on stage and off stage, has full workshop and seminar covereage as well. He has taken the Stage hypnosis safety course required to be insured.  Safety is the most important thing while having a hillarious hypnosis show! Scott Ward is also trains frontline workers in Hypnosis, has hypnotherapy certification and is also a certified school teacher with current registration. Your youth and communities will love Scott Ward!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Technical FAQ 

How long are your shows? 

  • Pick from 60min, 90min, or 120min performances

Do you provide a PA system?

  • When I drive – Yes
  • When I fly – No

What are your basic requirements for a PA system?

  • speakers large enough for the venue
  • on stands and a sound mixer close by to plug into on stage 

What are your basic requirements on stage? 

  • 20 Armless chairs on stage and 1 banquet table for props and a laptop (I also put chair signs on all the chairs on stage)

Do you require a sound guy?

  • Smaller shows under 150 people in attendance – no
  • Larger shows over 150 people in attendance – Yes

What items do you travel with?

  • Laptop, Wireless Mic, Small Mixer, Cables, Sound Adapters, Stage Props, Clothing

General Booking FAQ:

How much do you charge?

It depends on what type of event. These are the questions we ask you to give a proper quote:

  • What is the date of your event?
  • How many days are you looking to book?
  • How many days of travel are involved?
  • How many people are you expecting?
  • Is it a hypnosis show or a combo of a workshop/hypnotist show?
  • Are there other performers at your event?
  • Is this event going to be televised?

How far ahead should I be booking Scott?

  • As much time as possible, however, I do take last minute bookings

What type of events do you perform at?

  • I have been to almost every type of event large or small

We are doing a fundraiser – ‘can you give us a discount?’

  • Absolutely – twist my rubber arm

Workshop FAQ

What supplies do you require?

  • Paper, pens, Colored markers, large white paper
  • TV/DVD or Projector

How many people can be in your interactive workshops?

  • 10 – 100

What ages can the participants be?

  • ages 10 and up

How should I set up the room?

  • In one large circle with ample room to move around outside the circle. (Larger hall or gyms or banquet rooms work nicely)

Accommodation & Travel FAQ’s:

What are your accommodation requirements in the city?

  • Please book and pay for a business class room with internet connection and parking inside 

What are your accommodation requirements in northern communities?

  • Local motel or teacher accommodations are fine with internet connection

Can you book your own room?

  • Yes this is always done with our travel staff.

Do we book your flights or do you book your own?

Our default is that we pay for flights because we have to often move flights around to accomodate others.

Appearances On TV

  • Fox News 6 - Milwaukee - 2018
  • APTN National News - 2017
  • REZ-X TV Show - Regina - 2017
  • Shaw TV Victoria - 2015
  • APTN National News - 2014
  • APTN: Entertainment Beat – 2009
  • APTN: National News – 2009
  • CBC TV: Edmonton News – 2009
  • MYTV: Episode on NAIG – 2009
  • Citytv: Unlimited story – 2008
  • DVD: Healing Our Spirit World Wide – 2006 
  • CTV: Indigenous Circle – 2006
  • APTN: Daytime – 2006
  • APTN: National News – 2006
  • DVD: Esquao Awards Show – 2005

Radio Interviews

  • CKLB  - 2017
  • CBC NEWS North - 2014
  • CKLB Radio - 2012
  • CBC Radio: Edmonton – 2009
  • CBC: PEI- 2009
  • CBC: Yellowknife- 2009
  • CKLB: Yellowknife- 2009
  • WAWATAY Radio: – 2008
  • Missinipi Broadcasting Corp: – 2008
  • Native Yukon Radio: – 2008
  • Pikangikum Local Radio: – 2007
  • CBC North: – 2006
  • NCI FM: Big Bear Breakfast Show – 2006
  • CKLB: Yellowknife- 2006
  • 830am: David Kirton, Saskatoon, 2005


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